Prior to the red carpet, Chalamet was hopping on-and-off boats in laid back camouflage shorts and a Bauhaus T-shirt, but, most importantly, a smile.

While Timothée could hardly have asked for a better reception, what, you may ask, was the reaction to his new movie? Critics for The Guardian, Screen Daily, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline and The Playlist were very enthusiastic, calling this a great alignment of director’s interests (young love and horror) and cast. (Indeed, this is not just a reunion for Guadagnino and Chalamet from Call Me By Your Name, but Michael Stuhlbarg makes an appearance, too.) The BBC‘s critic was whatever the Italian word for “eh” is, and V.F.’s critic essentially shared in that opinion, calling Bones and All “only a decent side dish at the feast of Guadagnino.” Variety flat-out dislike the picture.

Bones and All will be out in U.S. theaters on November 23. Wear something sharp.