Newspaper headlines: Liz Truss ‘faces new Tory rebellion’ after tax cut U-turn

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Prime Minister Liz Truss at party conference

“Get A Grip!” is the headline for the Daily Mail, one of many papers to lead on the government’s U-turn on scrapping the top rate of tax. The Mail says Liz Truss “caved in” to pressure from senior Tories – raising concern among the prime minister’s supporters that she lacks the determination to see through the rest of her programme.

The Metro’s headline quotes the chancellor himself: “What A Day!”

The Daily Star mocks up Kwasi Kwarteng and Liz Truss in a clown car and calls the Prime Minister a “poundland Thatcher”, saying the lady is for U-turning.

The Daily Mirror says a shameless Mr Kwarteng “laughed off” the reversal in his conference speech.

Liz Truss tells the Daily Express it’s not been an easy week – but she’s listened to people’s concerns.

The Financial Times’ leader column says this is a moment of acute embarrassment for the prime minister and her chancellor. While dropping plans to axe the 45p tax rate may ease some political pressure, the paper says, the economics of the mini-budget still do not add up.

The Times says the government cannot afford any more mistakes – and only a credible plan to reduce debt and a rigorous independent forecast can revive Tory fortunes.

The Daily Telegraph and the Guardian say Tory rebels are now aiming to prevent a squeeze on benefits. Downing Street is considering increasing Universal Credit by below inflation, according to the Telegraph. Number 10 is said to be “preparing to question” whether it is fair that people on benefits receive inflation-linked rises, while many workers get real-terms pay cuts. One senior minister tells the paper the Cabinet will “blow a raspberry” if Liz Truss brings the idea forward.

The front page of the Sun carries an image of the man accused of murdering nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel in Liverpool. 34 year-old Thomas Cashman, who appeared in court yesterday, is seen posing in a selfie, in front of a fleet of sports cars.

It is believed Nato has warned its members that Vladimir Putin is preparing to carry out a nuclear test on Ukraine’s borders, according to the Times. The paper says a train used by a secretive nuclear division has been spotted in central Russia, heading for Ukraine.

The Times also notes reports in the Italian press, that a Russian submarine carrying a nuclear-capable underwater drone is travelling to the Arctic. Defence analysts tell the paper both moves should be seen as a warning to the West, to stop meddling in Ukraine.

Many of the papers report on comments by Jeremy Paxman – who says he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease after his doctor watched him on television. Mr Paxman explains he was in A&E for a fall when the doctor walked in and said “I think you’ve got Parkinson’s” – having noticed he was “less exuberant than usual” while presenting University Challenge.

Jeremy Paxman was speaking in a documentary about his diagnosis, which will be broadcast on ITV this evening. The broadcaster had apparently acquired “Parkinson’s Mask” – where stiff muscles make facial expressions more difficult.