Is Donald Trump watching the first night of the January 6 committee’s public hearings? As one of the most famous narcissists in history, it’s hard to imagine he’s not. And if he has indeed tuned in, he can’t be thrilled by how the proceedings have begun, i.e. with the airing of taped testimony from former administration advisors and cabinet members all declaring they told him from the get-go that his election fraud claims were baseless bullshit. And with a clip of his eldest daughter and favorite child, Ivanka Trump, also telling the committee she knew he was full of shit. 

In a snippet from the former first daughter’s 8 hour-long interview with the House select panel, investigators ask her how a statement from then Attorney General Bill Barr that the Department of Justice found no fraud sufficient to overturn the election “affected” her “perspective about the election.” She responded: “It affected my perspective. I respect Attorney General Bill Barr. So I accepted what he was saying.”

Of course, as we learned from the New York Times on Wednesday, both Ivanka and Jared Kushner had come to the conclusion that Trump lost the election even before it was officially called for Joe Biden, and had decided to “wash” their hands of the 45th president “move on” with their lives. Why didn’t they say anything to anyone about it? According to the Times, Ivanka didn’t want to “embarrass” her dad. 

Shortly after the Ivanka clip aired, Jared made his first appearance, in which he told the committee during his deposition that he dismissed threats to quit from White House general counsel Pat Cipollone, over Trump’s election claims, as “whining.”