GRS Hydrogen Solutions and its contribution to environmental protection
GRS Hydrogen Solutions and its contribution to environmental protection

GRS Hydrogen Solutions is a Canadian company, which has been operating on the hydrogen energy market for more than thirty years. Its main task is to develop the infrastructure of this industry, expand the scope of alternative energy applications, and protect the environment.

It is known that the most common gas on the surface of the Earth is CO2. Therefore, it has been considered as a source of energy based on its main advantages:

  1. High combustion temperature.
  2. The waste product is water.
  3. Indefiniteness of resources. 

Production takes place in the so-called “green” way, which excludes the use of non-renewable resources, such as oil or gas. This method is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly, because water is used for input and output.

There is an opinion that the hydrogen industry is unprofitable, because it requires a lot of resources to produce energy this way. In fact, there is much more advantages in this matter. GRS Hydrogen Solutions develops and implements technologies that enable the production of alternative fuels, fertilizers and electricity through the electrolysis of water. At the same time, there are no atmospheric emissions of waste generated in the process of recycling. 

Predictions regarding the development of green energy are very optimistic, because already today the largest car manufacturing companies and part of the agricultural sector are introducing hydrogen technology in their work.

Why is the development of hydrogen energy important for all humanity?

Today the world is actively discussing the problems of environmental pollution. The main contributor to this process is the heating industry, which actively uses oil and gas. When these products are burned, carbon dioxide inevitably enters the atmosphere, and its influence on global warming has also been proven.

Earlier the technologies that allow “burying” CO2 were developed, which significantly increased the cost-effectiveness, but still did not solve the problem completely. An alternative solution was hydrogen energy, which uses water to produce energy without subsequent emissions into the atmosphere.

Another advantage of this method is that hydrogen is obtained only from renewable energy sources. This does not exhaust the Earth’s reserves, which is important in the long term.

What are the special features of GRS Hydrogen Solutions?

The technologies used by GRS Hydrogen Solutions are largely the merit of Albert Cerenzia. The most impressive is the GL 15. 

It is known that the main problem of hydrogen energy is the inability to transport H2, as well as storage issues. This is due to the fact that the molecule is able to penetrate even through strong metal. Only expensive alloys are able to hold it, which certainly affects the cost of fuel. That is why the factory must be developed where it will be applied.

Sirenzi suggested locating the mobile production facility near the point of consumption and developed a system that made it possible to implement the project in just seven months. This greatly simplified the introduction of “green” fuel and reduced costs. Now even an ordinary farmer can install a plant on his territory, use its products and independently regulate the volume of output.

It is worth noting that Albert is an extremely creative person with more than 45 years of experience in the energy sector. Thanks to this GRS Hydrogen Solutions company is constantly in search of new solutions, develops tools for the introduction of environmentally friendly fuel. The importance of this work for humanity is confirmed by multiple awards from the World Energy and Environment Council.

Another function of GRS Hydrogen Solutions is the cooperation with other countries and transfer of research results on carbon emissions. Based on this information the systems for capturing this gas and its subsequent processing into hydrogen are being developed. This direction is quite new, but quite promising for the industry.

Relevance of hydrogen energy in the agricultural sector

GRS Hydrogen Solutions has developed a technology for the production of “green fertilizers” used in agriculture.

As we know, urea and other compounds are actively used for plant treatment. Urea is also frequently used:

  • to clean exhaust gases and waste from burning garbage;
  • in pharmacology;
  • in the manufacture of furniture. 

More than 120 million tons of this product are used each year.

Farms are still recognized as the main consumer of urea. The company created the Green Fertilizer project, which makes it possible to produce this fertilizer in a safe way based on hydrogen obtained from water energy. The end product of the production deserves special attention. That is drinking clean water. From an economic point of view, this cycle is more profitable for agriculture, since the price of the same urea has tripled in recent years. The production plant allows the farmer to be independent of external factors.

What does GRS Hydrogen Solutions offer?

The scope of GRS Hydrogen Solutions is extensive, allowing everyone from individuals to large corporations to implement hydrogen energy.

The company helps solve problems such as:

  • production of hydrogen, water, methanol, carbide fertilizers;
  • installation of hydrogen generators and kits to convert dirty fuel into green fuel;
  • validation of carbon credit;
  • manufacture of hydrogen munitions.

Hydrogen refuelling stations are gaining popularity in the modern world. As we know, cars and other vehicles contribute the most to environmental pollution. GRS Hydrogen Solutions helps to solve this problem and already has an implemented project for refuelling yachts with clean fuel in its arsenal.

Another new direction is the connection of renewable energy sources and crypto-mining, which directly depends on available energy.

The company not only implements innovations in the alternative energy market, but also accompanies partners in management and safety. In this way the customer receives a comprehensive service.

Hydrogen technology available to everyone

Hydrogen energy appeared on the market quite a long time ago, but it did not gain the popularity it deserves. The reason was the thoughtless use of oil and gas. Another problem at the stage of this industry formation was the complexity of its realization. There were no technologies in the arsenal of scientists to facilitate the production of CO2, and there were no funds for the construction of plants. Modern society is more forward-thinking, and therefore actively moves to alternative sources.

The key advantage of the enterprise is the ease of implementation of green technology in businesses of all sizes. Project implementation does not require multibillion-dollar investments, and the processing plant is up and running in 7-8 months. The rapid timing is due to the size of the equipment developed by GRS Hydrogen Solutions, as well as the well-established system of work within the engineering team. In fact, any production facility that uses oil, gas and refined products in its operations can switch to an alternative operating format. The mobile stations are simple to install and easy to scale to the customer’s needs.

By developing projects, the company focuses not on scale, but on efficiency. This fully reflects Albert Cerenzia ideology, because the main goal is to protect the environment by scaling the alternative energy zone.