Elon Musk: I Won’t Get Coronavirus Vaccine


Elon Musk, who’s made it quite clear he’s a bit of a coronavirus skeptic, told Kara Swisher in an interview for a New York Times podcast that he won’t be getting a COVID-19 vaccine when one is available. “I’m not at risk for COVID, nor are my kids,” the Tesla and SpaceX CEO said, per CNN. He also, and not for the first time, decried sweeping lockdown orders and said only at-risk people should be quarantined. Questioned by Swisher about the fact that people might still die as a result of such a policy, he replied, “Everybody dies.” Acknowledging the pandemic is a “no-win situation,” he said, “The question is what, on balance, serves the greater good.”

In such a hypothetical situation, Musk would not elaborate on whether he would feel obligated to pay employees of his who chose not to come into work due to the risk of exposure. “Let’s just move on,” he said when Swisher pressed him on the matter. “Kara, I do not want to get into a debate about COVID, this situation … If you want to end the podcast now, we can do it.” Musk also said he has not yet decided whom to vote for come November, Fox Business reports. “I mean, I’m—to be totally frank I’m not—I mean, I think—let’s just see how the debates go. You know?” (Read more Elon Musk stories.)