Charles Gregor, leading GRS Hydrogen Solutions Investor Relations Team
Charles Gregor, leading GRS Hydrogen Solutions Investor Relations Team

In preparation for their IPO in 2022, Charles Gregor will be heading up GRS Hydrogen Solutions’ investor relations team.  Mr. Gregor has been working for Goldman Sachs since 1985 and has decades of experience bringing private companies public.  He is a solid addition to the strategy team for GRS Hydrogen Solutions’ IPO, and Charles Gregor was chosen knowing that he will provide GRS Hydrogen Solutions with the best opportunity for IPO success in 2022.  GRS Hydrogen Solutions has selected the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) for its listing and IPO.  The Toronto Stock Exchange is home to several renewable energy companies that have had their own successful IPOs previously.

Charles Gregor’s newest IPO child, GRS Hydrogen Solutions, is a renewable energy company focused on creating clean power from hydrogen.  Renewable energy is one of the global economy’s fastest-growing sectors, and the production and use of hydrogen as a clean fuel is renewable energy’s fastest-growing subsector.  There are currently a minimum of 17 projects to create Green Hydrogen with capacities over 100 megawatts being developed around the world, with “mega-plants” for the creation of Green Hydrogen in countries from North and South America, Europe, to the Middle East, and even Australia, which is building a wind and solar farm that will have 12 gigawatts dedicated to green hydrogen production.  Charles Gregor believes that this is only the beginning of a Green Hydrogen revolution.

Green Hydrogen and the Future

Green Hydrogen is one of several low-carbon fuels that could take the place of today’s greenhouse gas-producing fossil hydrocarbons.  Most of the low-carbon alternatives require the production of Green Hydrogen as a precursor, so it makes sense to ignore the majority of these and make hydrogen a focus.  Hydrogen is very versatile, with several applications in areas ranging from heating and long-term energy storage, to aviation and long haul transportation (both trucking and cargo ships) which has one of the highest barriers to renewable energy conversion.  GRS Hydrogen Solutions is in the business of solving the problems of these hard-to-convert sectors to the use of hydrogen for their renewable energy needs.  These hard to convert sectors currently make up at least 15% of the total global greenhouse gas production.

The current use of hydrogen is at 115 million tons yearly, and it is expected that this use will grow to between 500 million and 800 tons a year by 2050; this would mean that between 15 and 20% of total energy demand would be supplied with hydrogen.  For this to be the case, the amount of zero-carbon electricity needed to produce the Green Hydrogen will need to increase by 30,000 terawatt-hours (TWh) by 2050.  

Charles Gregor believes that the reason that GRS Hydrogen Solutions is positioned so well is that to reach this production capacity, an investment of around $15 trillion is needed, the required investment will be at around $800 billion per year for hydrogen production and the renewably sourced electricity system needed to support the massive increase in hydrogen use and this investment would be peaking in the late 2030s.  With the technical experience and relationships that GRS Hydrogen Solutions has already developed, GRS will be well placed to benefit most from these trends through this decade and the next.

Grey Hydrogen, GRS Hydrogen Solutions Converting it to Blue Hydergen

The majority of hydrogen currently produced is also not Green Hydrogen but the most polluting type, Grey Hydrogen.  Grey Hydrogen is the most inexpensive type of hydrogen to make; however, because its production method requires fossil fuels, the process results in the release of greenhouse gasses (mainly carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide).  GRS Hydrogen Solutions has several patents for technology that can help transition current Grey Hydrogen production to much cleaner Blue Hydrogen.  Blue Hydrogen uses a similar initial method, but with the addition of catalysts and machinery, the Grey Hydrogen’s carbon monoxide is converted to carbon dioxide, and the carbon dioxide is recaptured.  The recaptured CO2 is then used for other industrial uses, lowering the total carbon footprint.  

The EU’s Commitment to a Hydrogen Future

The EU believes that hydrogen is the way to their cleaner carbon-neutral future and has already dedicated $550 billion for hydrogen investment.  GRS Hydrogen Solutions has signed an MOU setting up several working partnerships for the various EU hydrogen production and cleaning programs to provide the EU with support for further hydrogen technology development.  The EU plans to build a total of 40 gigawatts of electrolyzers installed within its borders by 2030, and they want another 40 gigawatts in place in nearby countries that can export to the EU.  While this is a considerable improvement over the current 250 megawatts of global green hydrogen capacity, it is far from the global terawatt levels needed by 2050.  

Charles Gregor is optimistic about the success of the IPO because GRS Hydrogen Solutions has several technologies that will aid Europe and the rest of the world in reaching its net-zero goals.  With the EU’s hydrogen being the Grey Hydrogen variety, the patented gas recapture technology that GRS Hydrogen Solutions can provide will allow the initial switch to Blue Hydrogen to be possible with the eventual switch to Green Hydrogen as the long-term goal.

GRS Hydrogen Solutions is Thinking Globally but Acting Locally

While these large-scale projects are impressive, every corner of the globe will have to do its part to make a difference.  GRS Hydrogen Solutions has also created a system to help even the most remote areas.  Their GL-15 system can pull the hydrogen out of seawater for use as a clean fuel to replace diesel while also producing fresh drinking water as a byproduct.  

Charles Gregor believes that the GRS Hydrogen Solutions IPO will be a success because of the several technologies that GRS Solutions already has in place.  When the GRS Hydrogen Solutions technologies are combined with the global trend to use more and more hydrogen in the future, not only will we have a cleaner world, but GRS Hydrogen Solutions’ investors will most definitely benefit.