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This Disorder Explains Why Some People Have Muscle Spasms After a Stroke

As with most conditions involving the human brain, spasticity is a complex disorder. The condition causes many muscles to contract at once, leading to tightness and uncontrollable contractions, according to the Cleveland Clinic.Spasticity is a common complication following a stroke, but the exact prevalence is hard to pinpoint. According to a 2018 review published in…

The 22 Best Oral Sex Toys For People Who Crave More Tongue

If you’re someone who lusts over the sensation of licking and sucking, some great news: Oral sex toys deliver the delicious stimulation of someone going down on you—with or without an actual partner present. Whether you want a sex toy that adds that flicking feeling to your solo play or you’re looking to add new…

News24.com | Flood saves Ukrainian village from Russian occupation

The intentional flooding of a small village north of Kyiv that created a quagmire and submerged cellars and fields, but prevented a Russian attack on the capital, was worth all the sacrifice, residents said.

The 28 Best Summer Slide Sandals For the Beach and Beyond

Photographed by Angelo Penetta, Vogue, June 2014No laces, no straps, no heels. If you’re trying to embrace a relaxed attitude and easy lifestyle this summer, you deserve a simple shoe. Now, before you equate simple with basic or boring, you’ll want to take a look at the best summer slide sandals currently on the market.…

Monday’s Wordle Answer Was About as Controversial as Possible

You can't make this stuff up. The popular puzzle game featured an answer that's related to the biggest news event of last week...

10 Retinol Products to Use for Clearer, Brighter Skin All Over

You’ve probably heard your skin-care enthusiast friends sing the praises of retinol for facial skin care, but what about a retinol body lotion, serum, or oil? Body products that contain retinol as an active ingredient can have a wonderfully positive impact on your skin’s quality.How does retinol work?Retinoids and retinol are touted as powerhouse ingredients…
Commonwealth Heads of State Summit: ‘Warm words on critical issues but a conspicuous lack of concerted action’

Commonwealth Heads of State Summit: ‘Warm words on critical issues but a conspicuous lack...

Commonwealth Heads of State Summit: 'Warm words on critical issues but a conspicuous lack of concerted action'

Your Exclusive June/July Issue Tour with Vogue’s Taylor Antrim

As each new issue of Vogue rolls out, someone from our team will give Vogue Club members their own special introduction—and today, that’s Vogue’s Deputy Editor Taylor Antrim!Our June/July cover star, Dua Lipa, needs little introduction—we’re guessing you’ve probably danced or worked out to her music recently—but as Taylor reveals, “This is a little different…

Kendall Jenner Knows Her Cucumber Cutting Skills Are “Tragic”

Kendall Jenner doesn't need her fans to tell her that her knife skills are not up to par.On Thursday's episode of The Kardashians, the model went to make herself a snack while hanging out at her mom Kris Jenner's new house, grabbing a cucumber out of the momager's massive fridge stocked with all-green produce. As…